Your Business Address

Private Offices for your own physical address for your business.

Benefits of a physical address and private office with Lindstrom Office Center.

Build Credibility with Customers, Suppliers and Partners. Having a physical address instantly makes you credible and encourages others to do business with you.

Fulfill LLC and Corporation Requirements. It is a requirement in Minnesota that LLCs and corporations have a physical address. Easily have affordable office space that meets those requirements.

Fulfill Licensing Requirements. Many professional occupations require a physical location for licensing. Easily have affordable office space that meets requirements.

Security. Nowadays It is best not to use home addresses. Don’t announce to the world your home address.

Have a Secure Quiet Place to Work. Your office space is accessible 24/7 with high speed internet and lockable office to secure files, etc. Perfect place to get away and work.

Great Place for Meetings. Conference room space is available for those occasional meetings.

We have one person lockable private office space for an affordable $295/month. Easy to try out with no long term commitments. We only require a 60 day notice to cancel. Contact us today for availability.


How and when can I access the building?
We offer 24/7 access to our members with a coded entry that auto-locks. Your code works on both our front and back door for your convenience.

Can I use the building address for my business?
Yes, we understand the need for a physical location for licensing or tax reasons. So, wether you are coworking or renting a private office you can use this address for your business. 

Are the private offices secure?
Yes, you’ll get your own key and each private office can be locked.

What is security like in the building?
The doors remain locked at all times, personal codes are assigned to our members and are used to access the building 24/7, there are security cameras throughout the building.

Can I recieve mail or packages?
US postage is not delivered to any of the downtown businesses but we can recieve shipments from delivery services such as FED EX or UPS. We recommend setting up a PO Box at the post office across the street if you need to recieve US postage.

Where do I park?
There are 100+ free parking spots on the street and in the parking lot.

Am I able to talk openly on the phone?
Yes, if confidentiality is a concern of yours we recommend a private office but we don’t mind phone conversations as we keep background music going in the shared spaces for masking sound throughout the building.

Can I meet with clients?
Yes, you may meet with a client in any of the shared spaces or your own private office. We also have conference tables you can use if you need a more professional setting. We just ask that the building guidelines and rules are still being followed by guests.

Are the private offices furnished?
We offer basic furnishings such as a table, chair, trash-can and wall art but our members can decorate and bring in their own furniture and decorations.

What’s the WiFi speed and phone situation like?
Our internet is provided by Midco and we get up to 1G via high speed cable that is split between users. We do not have a landline but we have a signal booster for cellular networks. Members can order and receive their own private connections from Midco separate from our contract and the rest of our members.

Are you taking COVID precautions?
Yes, we are requesting all members to wear their face mask and maintain social distance when not in their own private office. We have sanitizer stations throughout the building along with reminders.

Is the building handicap accessible?
Yes, our front door has a single step but the back is completely accessible, however there are no handicap parking spaces on the street.